Friday, 15 May 2009

working life

to be edited.


Saturday, 18 April 2009


After Graduate...ive slack for afew weeks before working.

playing jx2 everyday....spending ALOT of money on it.

my 1st job was as IT assistance. in MONFORT SECONDARY.

2nd job was at NUH working as IT staff think easy job.

3rd job i just receive a one day job i think. MediaCorp. Crime Watch $150 for 7hours.
not bad. hehe extra only. =) but im happy. at least...its my 1st time.

now waiting for next month for my pay + diving course!

To alvin:

during my work at NUH can say happy and bored and dissapointed.
happy coz its a relex job.
bored becoz i dun learn anything.
dissapointed becoz of alvin.

i dare to say out. becoz i wanna let u know.
ur own mentalily was that. you think , i think im always right. so i dun wanna argue with u.

u never fail to say bad things about me in front of new friends. NEVER FAIL.
just like today. SO what if i said unsensitive things abt a couple?

"wa that guy make that girl got baby"

" and u say something shit about me in front of new frens"

i can tell u im very very dulan with u already after all this years.

come to think of it. i the person who U Think , i am always right. now telling u this." ALvin. ur too self centred. u always think your right" u used ur own thoery to cover all ur ass.

u qurrel with jackson and frens already i tried to patch things up what u told me?

"aya edwin u wanna help becoz of girls."

WTF is this.

Zhusheng call u out u also not happy saying dumb things like

"aya he got no frenz then call us"

come on la. if this is how u think of ur frenz i tell u. U sucks.

im a very peace person thats why i dun wanna qurrel with u over small stuff .

hopefully one day u might read this.
(maybe u too used to meeting me. and sometimes when ur rude i din say anything)
wake up. alvin.

joel wise i can say i already give up already.
he own me money for so many god dame freaking years.
i keep on asking my fault?
he even have the cheek to say" u ask again u want me to wack u up?"
joel u sucks big time. u wanna know when u said this? during the underage club with us.
after 6years of owning me money. NOW i give up on u. $40 to see ur fark up charecter. im okie.
u dun have to pay me any more.

go away Get out of my life.

Thursday, 19 March 2009


haha been sooo long since i blog i think i will only post pictures here ba!


Friday, 6 March 2009

Genting Trip

Woot just back from genting trip.

i din went there to gamble in fact i dun like gambling.

i went there for holiday. i like the weather there.

SUCKy food+ Expensive. din eat well.

but...overall it was good!

Pictures on my facebook.


Before going genting i made a Trading for $150

7march 2009 another trading that cost $260


Currently im working! wahah finally! so happy found a job! as IT assitance!

of coz tat not my dream..job i wanna be a REAL teacher!

a good start off i guess

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

SIT Chalet

lol i went to SIT chalet today... was supose to be yst .

went there hi bye...then went home.

1st time playing Wii there too.


Online Transaction(Malaysia)

23 Feb 2009

that day i brought something from Malaysia. Din know Singapore's (MAYBANK)

is not interlink with Malaysia's

in the end i bank in the wrong Account!

lucky it was only $50SGD.

i told my Malaysian friend to help me pay 1st.Ben thanks!

the Next day i went to posb bank to report wrong Transaction.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dragon Boating

21 Feb 2008

haha today my 1st time trying this sea sports.

I woke up late that day...lucky Augustine wait for me and Sujuan woke me up.

The Event was at Bedok reservoir.

haha People from Machpherson YEC organize this.

it was fun and tiring but i know Dragon boating is still not my cup of tea.

i still prefer Kayaking. be it Competitive or Freestyle maybe i;m thinner!

backed home...Sleep all day

Friday, 20 February 2009


Its been sometime since i've blog. kinda got no mood to blog.

but anyway... this are the thigns that Ive been doing for the pass few days.

13th Feb 2009(AFTERNNON)

well today went out with some of the chingay Peepz. tot it was a gathering. but i was so so wrong. it was a date" all guys 1 girl.(Seems like the channel 5 THE Bachelorette)

that day is just so sucky i intro them to this place called MA MANSION. haha. crystal intro me one. i hope they like it. after which we slack and chat.

13th Feb 2009(NIGHT)
I went clubbing with my Poly frenz to celebrate our Graduation.
many turn up.
Alvin was the very UNEXPECTED one that came. 1st time clubbing.

The whole day i was so dame bored i was at ZOUK all my frenz went in Phuture.

Ben was dulan coz the music sucks. ME, yanzhang weilong @ZOUk
went home sleep whole day

14th Feb 2009(Valentine day)

every since i got into poly. this day ive always stayed at home. dunno why tat day i cant seems to find the right one.

18th Feb 2009
Went interview for job as IT assitant

$7/hour or $8.5 depend on the Hours worked.

Today i went out with Alvin, JOEL+ his girlfren.
we went to watch the TOM CURRize movie. Valkie? haha
very nice. 4/5.

Up coming.

SAT: Events with Macpherson YEC peeps.(Dragon boat + some other stuff)
SAT: Crytal called me say got Kbox session! i wanna go. but ive promise to go for the event =(

1st MARCH: SAF audition. dunno whats tat but join ba.

2nd March- GEnting Trip with poly frenz.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Random Encounter.

today...woke up very late...last night around 7am then sleep.

woke..up ate my breadfeast... then rest awhile ready to go woodland to study alone. i cant stay at home.

kitat msg me. saying tmr have. events

then msg again saying is today.

i msg Christina...she said she was going so i go lor.

was not feel very well...Left eye contact i took out. becoz too dry... im only wearing right eye.

waa throughout the journey i keep yawning dunno why....

reach there. saw kitat & his gf. and Christina. chey i tot alot of ppl...

but nvm. Took part in the PAYM event... "MASS Lao YU SHENG" a chinese new year thingy that came from Hong Kong. China people Don't do that. was ....hmmmm "nice" lol ate afew throw le.

Victor was there. steve was there. Priscilla was there. the camera man was there others i dunno thier name.

christina say today i blur blur one Zzzz maybe ba.

after which Kitat + his gf + we went tamp going home.

i went IKEA since it was nEAR....Brought some Random Stuff which u guys nvr tot i would buy. PICTURE FRAMES!...colorful ones .

Spend like $40?

went to eat my fav SALMON! tot abit lonely but im use to it lar...previously all the while ive been going there alone.
overall day = SUCKS.

something not right.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Exam stress

Recently i caught up with exam stress locking myself in a room. but i find it not effective. cant focus.

i even tear out my books.

lucky today Christina pei wo! (Thanks haha ur must be dame tired! & bored)

actually i wanted to wait for her to have dinner together. i msg her call her.

no reply! grrr i was soo hungry i cant wait anymore. went to mac to eat alone...

lol later she told me she fell asleep somewhere.

when i was about the finish my dinner...she came...woot she look very very tired

she went east cox ba i think....wanted to msg her but my hand oily coz shes tired wanna ask her go rest.

after i had my dinner we went the libarry and slack.

lol she broooowwwed some books. i was like "happy" coz no more internet. can focus now!

haha im so gonna go there alone tmr! at home = CMI cant focus.

arh...cover many topics today in a short time.

too bored already i started taking pictures for her. lol...

grr some very "NICE" picture u deleted away!! %^$@%^&&@

anyway here goesss...

after which 11+ we went home Zzzzz